SharePoint 2013: Cascade Dropdowns using SPServices

Excellent post without the need to edit Master Pages nor create custom New/Edit forms on the list.


Using Jquery.SPServices, you can achieve cascade dropdown in SharePoint. In Cascade dropdown, upon selection of value from first drop down, other drop down’s value gets filtered.

For example, if you have a requirement to display items based on category selection or you want to display states based on country selection. This type of feature, you can use cascade drop downs.

 Create following custom lists in SharePoint.

ItemCategory List


Items List – This has Category lookup column from ItemCategory.


CascadeDemo List – This has ItemCategory and Item lookup columns from ItemCategory and Items list.



In new item of CascadeDemo list, when selecting ‘Stationary” value from item category drop down, it should display only “Pencil” and “Notebook” in item drop down not all the items from list.

Here, you need to download jquery-1.11.0.min.js from site and jquery.SPServices.min.js from site or you can use direct reference from online.

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